When I first talked with Friedrich about the painting he wanted me to create for him, I saw a beautiful lady emerging from the sea. It felt like the anima, an ideal of love and beauty. When we met some weeks later, the focus had shifted. The lady was not as prominent, but as I listened to his words, the sea got illuminated in my minds eye – the sea in it‘s wild beauty, mystery, depth and intensity.

It made me so happy to hear that he had found the love that he had been longing for.
So the creation process of this artwork reflects that search, the longing and the fulfillment of love.
When one looks at the painting in a certain light, traces of the woman’s body are still visible.
When love finds us, we might not always recognize it immediately as it looks different to our ideas and projections.
But it feels so much more powerful than we could ever have imagined.
The idea of the form of love we once held as an ideal, may dissolve – becoming the waves and the air, now being everywhere, life itself.