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When I create,
I feel one with the Creator.

From my heart to yours, I'd love to share my story...

The obstacles and breakthroughs of becoming an artist, what shaped me and what moves me to create...


I have always loved to create.

My parents supported my creative expression. Writing stories and poetry, drawing and painting, playing theatre, practicing transverse flute and piano…
I found joy in many creative acts.

Yet there also was a shadow hanging over my creative childhood-self, as I found my older sister to be a much more prolific and productive artist than I was.
Her creative genius both motivated and disheartened me.
I was struggling to find my voice besides the powerful personality she was, but it made me strive to become a better artist.

Navigating the Valley of Tears

A lot changed in me when I discovered the profound and healing power of what I now call “Soul Painting”.
At first, the death of my father didn’t affect me so deeply. However it was when I moved to Vienna to study that I started to feel the loss. It inscribed itself on my heart as a deep wound. I felt profoundly sad and lost, yet I couldn’t cry the tears that I felt within me.
Until I made an amazing discovery…

Art had always been part of my life, but now it became a life saver.

It was a valve through which I accessed, healed and transformed my emotions. It helped me retrieve parts of my soul that were lost.

Art became my magic wand, my guiding star.

Intuitive painting taught me that art doesn’t have to always be pretty.

It can be raw, vulnerable, ugly. Yet it has power. And that is what matters.

I started to paint my inner landscapes, which were full of cemetaries, sceletons and lost creatures. To see them on paper gave me relief. They were no longer trapped in me, but I could see them, communicate with them.

The initiation into death brought with it the joys of rebirth and a deepening into spiritual life. Later I realized that there is an actual training called Art Therapy and I knew that was for me.


What changed my life forever was the participation in the “Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar”. During this 3-week long painting retreat in a little paradise in Northern Italy, I not only learnt the beautiful painting technique that I use to this day, but also made deep and meaningful connections to artists who became close friends and mentors.

Read more about the "Mischtechnik"


Soon after the seminar which I visited both in 2011 and 2012, “The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art” was born as a more permanent space to learn the craft of painting.
I’m grateful to have been part of this magical space and was invited to teach as soon as it had opened it’s doors.
All these experiences really grew my soul. It was the beginning of a magical journey: a life full of painting, inspiring friendships, creative freedom, and guiding wonderful workshops.



Creating harmonious spaces to explore the creative self is one of the biggest joys in my life.

Since then, painting brought me to many inspiring places: teaching art workshops in Byron Bay | Australia, at Anam Cara in Belgium, in Brighton | England… In 2017, I also returned as a teacher to the place in Italy where I had first studied.
Inspiring individuals became my friends and mentors on the creative path.

In 2020 I started to organise my own art retreats in Austria. Holding retreats has become a great source of joy for me. They are a space of flourishing authenticity and spontaneity, for true connection and deep soul healing. A space for the inner artist to explore, connect, share and shine.



Did you know that...


* I never had an ordinary job?
* I work on many paintings simultaneously
* I still love to handwrite letters
* I don’t paint everyday, but I meditate everyday
* I love to write as much as I love to paint



2024: “Soul Painting” Retreat, 5 day workshop | Nationalpark Kalkalpen, Austria
2024: “The Illuminated Brush”, 5 day painting workshop | Nationalpark Kalkalpen, Austria
2023: “Spirit Animals”, 8 day painting workshop | Nationalpark Kalkalpen, Austria
2022: “Visions for the New Earth”, 10 day painting workshop | Nationalpark Kalkalpen, Austria
2021: “Divine Glory”, 5 day painting workshop | Nationalpark Kalkalpen, Austria
2021: “The Inner Garden”, 5 day painting workshop | St. Leonhard am Forst, Austria
2020: Private painting classes
2019: “Inner Light Meditations”, evening workshops | VAVA, Vienna
2018: “Visions in the Mischtechnik”, 3-week seminar | Torri Superiore, Italy
2017: “Dream Ikons” & “Painted Prayers” Workshops Anam Cara Centre, Belgium
2017: Mask Painting Workshop, “Ohne Masken Ball” | Weberknecht, Vienna
2016: Fall Trimester at the Academy of Visionary Art (VAVA), 3 month seminar | Vienna
2016: “Inner Nature” – Visionary Landscape Painting | Brighton, UK
2016: “Chakritecture – Painting the Inner Light”, 2-day workshop | Anam Cara Centre, Belgium
2016: “Painted Prayers – Devotional Art for Healing and Conscious Creation”
2 day workshop | 
Anam Cara Centre, Belgium
2016: “Visions of Grace”, 14 day painting seminar | Anam Cara Centre, Belgium
2016: “Inspire” – Visionary Art Workshop | Kuranda, Australia
2015: “Sacred Art Retreat”, 10 Days of Painting & Meditation
at Art in Paradise | Byron Bay, Australia
Since 2015 Mantra Meditation, weekend courses
2015: Winter Trimester at The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, 3 months workshop
2014: “Spark in the Void – Voyage into the Depths of Creation”, 5 day workshop | VAVA, Vienna
2013 – 2014: “Seelenmaler” (Soul Painter) Workshops | VAVA, Vienna



2023: Cosmic Convergence Festival, Austria
2022: First Solo Exhibition | Power2Be, Vienna
2019: Advent Art Market | Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, Austria
2019: Unveiling Ceremony of the Gemstone Painting with Ananda Vdovic | Croatia
2017: “Seeds of the Anaconda” Group Exhibition | Colombia
2017: “Sacred Deer” Group Exhibition | Paris, France
2016: “Chimeria” Group Show | Sedan, France 
2016: “Transmission” Tribute to Ernst Fuchs Group Exhibition | Galerie 10, Vienna
2016:  “Paradise One” Exhibition and Party | Byron Bay, Australia
2014 – 2016:  VAVA Trimester Exhibitions | VAVA, Vienna
2013: Live Painting & Face Painting, Heart Culture Festival | Austria
2013: Live-Painting & Face Painting, SUN-Festival | Hungary
2007: Solo Exhibition with Carina Aichinger | Keferfeld-Oed, Austria


2022: Portrait & Figure Painting with Jura Bedic, 4 day workshop | Vienna Atelier of Traditional Art 
2015: Meditation Teachers Training with Ananda Vdovic
3-month Intensive | Croatia
2012: “Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar”
with Laurence Caruana, Amanda Sage, A. Andrew Gonzalez and Maura Holden
3-week Intensive | Torri Superiore, Italy
2011: “Visions in the Mischtechnik” Seminar
with Laurence Caruana, Amanda Sage, A. Andrew Gonzalez and Maura Holden
3-week Intensive | Torri Superiore, Italy
2010 – 2012: Waldorf Teachers Training | Waldorfseminar für Erziehungskunst Wien
2010 – 2012: Art Therapy | Mal- und Gestaltungstherapie-Institut Wien
2006 – 2011: Social and Cultural Anthropology | University of Vienna