Ancient Bond

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I created this painting for a dear friend who commissioned it as an ode to the romantic relationship with her partner.
Originally she thought of a portrait of her and her partner, but for some reason, the photo shoot we needed to start the work never fell into place.
Meanwhile, the idea to paint the two as lions, had popped up in my mind. I never told her about it, but soon later she sent me photos of lion couples. I was so amazed that we had had the same idea. It was meant to be!

Like lions, may we encounter one another in royal dignity, confidently express our inner needs, give one another freedom and, deeply connected to the core of our being, share and celebrate love in ever deeper and meaningful ways.

Canvas Print

  • High Quality 12c-Pigment Print on Fine Canvas
  • Varnished for Protection
  • Hand-stretched on a wooden frame with a depth of 2 cm
  • About 2.5 cm of the image border is mirrored outward around the edges.
  • Lascaux protective varnish ensures resistance to UV radiation, environmental influences, and mechanical wear for many years.
Printed on demand:

Please note that the production time takes about 3-4 working days.


Original Painting

Ancient Bond

Commission (sold)
Oil on Linen
70 x 100cm