This painting is inspired by a visionary encounter with the archetype of the gentle gardener, who can be seen as a symbolic representation of the creative principle which is set in motion by our imaginative mind and feelings.

With the wisdom of the inner gardener we may come to see that everything in our lives is a reflection of ourselves as we attract certain energies and thought forms according to our beliefs and emotions.

Our thoughts are the command for her of which seeds to grow and which weeds to uproot.
Whatever we focus on, she will nurture; whatever we abandon, she will stop caring for. Yet in all of this work she does not judge. She loves so unconditionally that she fully accepts our free will, whether we pick up the good or the bad seeds.

With the inspiration of the gardener we can look at our lives and see what is growing here in our inner garden.
What are we nurturing? Are we holding onto some bad seeds? They bring misery and sorrow, limiting beliefs, judgments and separation. We can ask the gardener to uproot them, from the biggest to the smallest roots and let them decompose or burn them and use the nutritious ashes for the growth of the more precious plants which we want to cultivate more of.

Are we truly believing in and nurturing the auspicious seeds? They make us feel good, spread light and joy and also uplift the people around us.

Perhaps the most important question she inspires in us is: What is the seed of your highest aspiration?