portrait-round-edges.jpgThe art of Vera Atlantia aims to reflect the intimate connection to Source and the deepening experience of spiritual awakening. 
In her work she explores themes such as divinity, healing, higher realms, unity consciousness and realizing ones true essence.

Having experienced the healing power of creating art, she was led to train as a painting therapist between 2010 and 2012. Soon after she initated a regular painting workshop in Vienna called "Seelenmaler" (Soul Painter), which emphasized painting as a tool for self-inquiry, healing and discovery.
Vera participated twice in the Visions in the Mischtechnik seminar in Italy, where she met the famous visionary artist Professor Ernst Fuchs and the artists who subsequently formed The Visionary Guild, a collective of several international visionary artists. These encounters led to deep and transformative friendships which further contributed to her artistic development. In 2013 she was invited to work as an art teacher at the newly formed Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.

Since then, Vera Atlantia has been teaching many workshops and exhibited work in Austria, Belgium, Australia, Italy, France, Colombia, Hungary, England and Croatia. 

In 2015, Vera Atlantia got trained as a meditation teacher by the well-known mantra singer, teacher and painter Ananda Vdovic (vocalist of "Sacred Chants of Devi"), and is passing on the vedic knowledge of mantras and meditation since then with great dedication.

Vera is currently working on art commissions & collaborations, teaching sacred art workshops and meditation internationally.
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"Since being a child I felt a longing in my heart that moved me to create. I enjoyed most being alone and write, paint or draw as I listened to the quiet voice within. It was as if I was standing on the shore of a great ocean, wanting to reach something that was far beyond. Somehow I knew whatever I longed for was to be found on the inside, so I frequently rejected things of the world in order to journey deep within my soul, into the vast spheres of imagination and heightened perception. 

When my mind with all it’s worldly concerns became quiet, and my soul got stirred by the music I listened to, this rich inner space would open up and I felt home. These mystical explorations into celestial planes unlocked a sense of soul remembrance and confirmed the experience of „being in the world, yet not of the world“.

Providing the depth of the inner experience, each piece is a gem plucked from the realm of the heart. The images that arose in the process of writing would become the greatest source of inspiration for my paintings. 

In a deep confrontation with mortality that was triggered by my father’s passing when I was nineteen, painting became the magic wand that carried me through the profound abyss of death into the joys of rebirth. During this time I recognized art as a profound tool for healing with regard to embracing and transcending the emotional experience.

My favourite subject is the Divine. With my mind and heart dwelling on God, I often find myself entering a state of ecstasy as I paint. Infused with the precious love and bliss of the creator, tears of transcendental joy flow from my heart into the work, which I hope will evoke a remembrance of Divinity within the beholder.

        Photos by Maja Golac