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Let me see you, hear you, support you.


Go on a journey with me…

I’m happy to support you to bring more fulfilment and lightness into your life.


  • In an introductory conversation we discuss the topics and goals of our session.
  • We will embark on an inner journey together, in which you will be lovingly guided to a deeper, wiser level of yourself. You will stay fully conscious and in control during the whole process, accessing a deeper level of your mind. With specific questions and impulses, I will inspire you to explore your inner soul landscape, to find answers and to draw from the rich source of wisdom in your heart.
  • Together we dive into the unconscious, clear the shadows and are attentively present with all that wants to be felt and seen within you. Stress and tension can flow away with ease & happiness and clarity may increase.
  • Healing soul images may arise within your heart-mind, they give strength and guidance.

Soul Inquiry Inspires you to…

  • Find answers and solutions from within
  • Activate your inner resources and powers
  • Discover your unique soul images
  • Connect with the divine source and your higher self
  • Allow and process your feelings
  • Recognise and nurture your needs 
  • Reflect and transform relationship dynamics

Focused on your needs

Focused on your needs

The session is tailored to your personal needs and wishes.

Resource oriented

Rather than focusing on problems, we look towards your strengths and activate your resources

Layer by layer, Vera exposed with her specific questions, the real core of my apparent winter depression.
I was really amazed at the knowledge and revelations I gained. She gave me a technique that I can continue to work with when the grief arises in my soul again.



Try It Now

Single Session

120 minutes
+ First Meeting (free)


€ 150,-

Most popular


5 sessions à 120 min
+ First Meeting (free)
+ Follow-up

€ 700,-

Premium Support


Weekly session à 120 min.
+ First meeting (free)
+ Follow-up

€ 550/month

What People Say About Soul Inquiry

I'm happy to accompany you on your journey!

I warmly invite you to a free online meeting via Zoom. We can get to know each other and discuss the goals and shape of our soul work together.

Take the leap today and invite your most radiant self