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Your Personal Painting

A Gift of Beauty, Healing and Connection

Created uniquely for you

Do you have a vision but lack the time and skill to make it real?

I can bring your vision to life!

A personalized painting is a special piece created uniquely for you, with the elements, colors and message that are meaningful to you.

This painting can offer you inspiration, guidance and remind you of your own power.

Have a look at my options and pricing here.

I’ve done many custom made paintings and I do enjoy the process of painting something specifically for a client. You can choose how much you want to participate in the process and how much you want to be surprised by the result.

Every piece is made with love according to your personal wishes.

I’d love to connect with you to manifest your dreams on canvas!



Download PDF


Download the pdf and fill in the form.*
That will help you to clarify your vision and it will be a reference for me when I work on your painting. Please send the completed form to me via email:

*If you don't want to be too specific and trust me enough, you can leave some questions open and I will surprise you.


I will reply to your message within in 1-3 business days. (*If you don’t hear from me, please make sure your email has been sent correctly. If you don’t get any reply, try it on social media)

In my response I will send you a non-binding offer and the general terms and conditions that you need to read and confirm.


When you decide to confirm the offer, I will send you an invoice and payment instructions.

I offer payment options via Paypal and bank transfer. The cheapest option for international transfers is PayPal. However, you can also pay via bank transfer. Please note that you will be charged any international transaction fees. I will send you all the details you need via mail.


I will ask you for an installment payment (deposit) of 30% of the total price to cover material costs and processing your order.

After receiving your deposit, I will get ready and start working on your unique piece.


I will keep you updated about the painting process. When I send you the picture of the final result and you are happy with it, the final payment is due. After you have transferred the rest of the money, I will send you the original artwork.

I’m so grateful having met Vera. I love the luminous impressions of her artworks, touching heart and soul. And I enjoyed the harmonious atmosphere working with her, it felt like being in a flow. What a wonderful co-creation!

Mona, Germany

Illustrations for the Book “Die Natur ist belebt” (‘Nature is alive’) written by Mona von Elben, 2023-2024

Together We Dream

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