As my gaze is absorbed in the far horizons of a dying sun – splendid and full of color before it sets for the dark of night, I gaze deep into my soul.

May grace bless me with a clear vision, so I never loose sight of that sun which shines bright within the recesses of my heart, even when the shadows threaten to enclose it.

May my knowing be complete to clearly see that their stay can only ever be fleeting, for the golden throne of my heart is a splendid home of eternal presence – earlier than light and thus before the arising of any shadow. 

Even if I walk through the world as a fool, ignorant of all it’s workings, only captivated by it’s beauties and it’s terrors, I do know one thing: all that comes will also go, yet the sun of awareness can never set. 

In my long wanderings, the mountains have inscribed their poetry of silence deep within the book of my soul. They make me contemplate the grandeur of a creation that gifts and consumes itself in an unceasing act of devotion, without a trace of concern or reserve.

May I die to myself with the setting sun and live in the radiant awareness of eternal presence, ever silently drawn into the sacred ode of love.