In this „Inner Light Meditation", we will work with the magical map, our inner compass and our wise helpers, to explore and navigate gracefully through our inner landscape. The inner landscape is a symbolic representation of the emotional, mental and spiritual processes we are going through in life.

During the meditation, you will be guided into a more subtle state where you can explore deeper aspects of yourself, find healing, rejuvenation and guidance from within.


In this meditation, we will work on healing wounds from the past, release any traces of guilt and shame, resentment, grieve and anger that might still linger in some hidden chambers of our hearts.
We will invite divine love to heal and restore in us a state of innocence, harmony and peace.

On a visionary level, we will explore some of the magical and nourishing places of the heart which is indeed vast and full of treasures. 




The main focus of the next "Inner Light Meditation" will be on nurturing faith, trust and courage within us.
With angelic support, we will shine a light on some of our fears and break through into greater freedom.
We will work with Archangel Michael for strength, protection and clarity.

Like all "Inner Light Meditations", this guided journey is developed specifically for this event and is designed to uplift, support and guide you to a more empowered and gracious way of being.




Main part of the evening will be a guided meditation with focus on planting fresh seeds as intentions for the new year. This will be a great opportunity to contemplate your deeper wishes and make sure they will grow and manifest on fertile ground. 
We will work with healing imagery, visualization and prayer.  





We are excited to invite you to the first Advent Art Market at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art!

On display will be original paintings, drawings, art prints, postcards, giclées, stickers and handmade crafts, jewelry and sculptures, created by teachers and students of the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.

* Come meet the Artists
* Visionary Christmas Gifts
* Live Painting
* Christmas Snacks & Drinks (benefits will go to Gruft for homeless people in Vienna)




Here are some testimonials from participants of the "Inner Light Meditations: The Healers Heart" in which we were working on healing all six bodies, from grossest to subtlest:

Katerina-photo.jpg"I have long been sadly depressed... I have been in Vienna for almost a year, I come from Bulgaria and have not found an environment in which I can meditate with other people. After yesterday's meditation I feel centered and calm. Connected to the source. I felt at home. I was very influenced by the words "there is nothing to do". I relaxed and felt joy and inner peace, something in me whispers "everything is ok." 
Chakra singing was also very healing for me.
Guided by Veras voice, I was able to connect with all my bodies with ease and unite them. They were shuffled and disconnected.

I had colorful visions and feelings during meditation. It was strongest in relation to the emotional body. It was filled with crystalline electric blue liquid and then much lighter with the rest of the bodies.
I connect with my power and now I feel happy. Thank you!"  -  Katerina Prem Nandana

lucia-photo.jpg"Veras meditation is definitely one of the milestones in connection to communicating so systematically and deeply with myself through all the bodies! I am very grateful to her!

Her angelic voice was guiding us through the six layers of our being on a journey of "The healers heart". All the stages were safely explained, specific, offering details of those levels. I was able - due to enough space for our individual light work - to feel, which part of my layered multifunctional body is comfortable, and where there is still a communication and healing work to be done. I experienced some inner revelations and surprises.
The golden sentence I received in my journey resonates with my poetic spirit: "Rise, rise into the waterfall of love!"

The most surprising was that after this long meditative session (which actually did not seem to me so long), I felt immediately that bearable but unpleasant lower back pain, which I had then already for a few days, dissapeared. Although I have not come with the intention to directly heal it, I was very grateful for it! I was leaving, without backpain, with all other participants very inspired."

Lucia Ramsonius

 Here are some testimonials from participants of the "Inner Light Meditation - Magic of Advent":

tijana-inner-ligh.jpg"I enjoyed the Inner light meditation very much. It was very profound spiritual journey. First part of the meditation we were guided by Vera's soft melodious voice to a beautiful place passing through winter scenes, to the place where we could rejoice, find comfort and tranquility. And then she guided us more deeply toward more subtle planes. It was a beautiful journey to a place where I haven't been before, like a new planet, more subtle and divine. I met divine consciousness there and my whole being was filled with compassion and selfless love. That feeling stayed long after meditation was over. Vera is such a great meditation teacher and inspiration. Her divine qualities are enchanting, leaving me in admiration every time I meet her." - Tijana Radic


"The last of the three "Light meditations" by Vera Atlantia at The VAVA Temple was exactly on Sunday December 1st, the day with which in Austria starts the traditional time of celebrations and preparation for the Solstice/Christmas time. It was a meditation which so nicely prepared us for this unique time. Inner journey was full of heartfelt meetings on all levels. All of them were important and very caring in different ways. The warmth of loving beings, family gathering and a charming surprise - The Travelling Mary (even on the alter), all shined in our inner mind vibrantly.

Thanks Vera again for this special tuning and guidance in the sacred space of our mind and heart! And you did not let us forget about the kindness and importance of charity! ❤️"

Lucia Ramsonius





Watch the video of our "Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar" in Italy, summer 2018


 A collage of the artworks created by our amazingly talented students
during the 3 week retreat in Italy, summer 2018



“My 10 day retreat with Kuba and Vera was nothing short of incredible. Individually and united, their gentle guidance in meditation and sharing of tremendous artistic skills, nurtured and developed by the late and great Prof. Ernst Fuchs, had me feeling honoured and overjoyed to have the time, space and opportunity to reveal and be informed by my own highest potential, as the beauty, balance and clarity unfolded upon the canvas, layer by layer. A truly moving and unforgettable experience to which one can take back into the world and share. Thank you!!!“

Irene Roberts, Australia (10 Day Retreat at Art in Paradise, Byron Bay)

explore-your-vision-fall-trimester-academy.jpg inner-nature-revised.jpg 

"Kuba Ambrose and Vera Atlantia artfully created a space for sacred works of art to emerge through each one of us, during Art In Paradise Retreat in beautiful Byron Bay Australia. Their teaching and the wholesome environment nurtured us all to create works of art that were of group-heart-consciousness. Both Kuba and Vera presented as deeply compassionate, insightful and sensitive beings – wise for their age.
They were adept at holding space for a group to evolve. Nicely drawing on a combination of humour and firm discipline, they guided us to complete our conceptual visions.
Without a doubt, the experience was deeply transformative."

Chandrika Steinhardt, Australia (10 Day Retreat at Art in Paradise, Byron Bay)



"It's not easy to put into words how wonderful the combination of painting, meditation and singing worked for me. Painting in the Mischtechnique obliged me to be patient, what started a process of acceptance and getting calm.
The guided meditations and singing gave a special spiritual and inspiring dimension to the days of painting.
I made a transformational journey inside myself and it opened my heart.
Vera and Kuba are such a lovely teachers with lots of knowledge, wisdom, creative ideas and skills. And above this they are warm and kind.
I’ve spent the most beautiful days during this wonderful course."

Francine Bressers, the Netherlands (Visions of Grace 2-week Retreat at Anam Cara, Belgium)


"We so enjoyed having Vera & Kuba mentoring us all at „Art in Paradise“ for 10 days! It was a truly joyous & bliss-full time, full of intensive painting, chanting, guided & group meditations, laughter, fantastic meals, all in beautiful surroundings full of nature & wildlife. We had such a great group of students & I feel we learnt so much & produced some beautiful paintings using the Mischtechnik!"

Patti Jacobs, Australia (Art in Paradise, Byron Bay)